Margaret Cho, city Council Member, expresses her support for The Lowline, an underground park that would be first of it's kind in the country; length: 2 minutes.

Promo for "Pillows for Paws," a nonprofit
that provides toys and pillows to comfort shelter animals; length: 4 min. 

Tradeshow interview #1; length: 39 seconds

Trade show interview #2; length: 35 seconds

Web promo for Community Physical Therapy, Brooklyn, NY.; length: 90 seconds. 

Promotional video for Access Intelligence, a B2B company; length: 90 seconds. 

Dance Performance; one-camera coverage; length: 1 min., 40 secs, 

Short Documentary: "East Village Radio", a store-front, community radio station that operated in the East Village; length: shortened to 2 min. 

Montclair Art Museum News package; opening length: 70 secs. 

Short Documentary: "Drive-In Chapel", which aired on "The Short List", a PBS production.