Women's March, New York City

Olakunl Oladehin, Executive Director of
Everybody Dance Now! speaks at "When to Jump!" conference. 

Margaret Cho, city Council Member, expresses her support for The Lowline, an underground park that would be first of it's kind in the country; length: 2 minutes.

Promotional video for Access Intelligence, a B2B company; length: 90 seconds. 

Cause in a Classroom: My Critical Thinking class at BMCC (CUNY) reach out to local populations in need. Length: 5 min.  

Promo for "Pillows for Paws," a nonprofit that provides toys and pillow to comfort shelter animals; length: 4 min. 

Shot with my iphone, this video went viral by playing on MSN.com and UK Yahoo. 

Trade show testimonal; length: 35 seconds

Promo for Community Physical Therapy, Brooklyn, NY.; length: 90 seconds. 

Dance Performance; one-camera coverage; length: 1 min., 40 secs, 

Short Documentary: "East Village Radio", a store-front, community radio station that operated in the East Village; length: shortened to 2 min. 

Kwanzaa celebration: 70 secs. 

Short Documentary: "Drive-In Chapel", which aired on "The Short List", a PBS production.